Chantal Blythe Camus’ Bio


Chantal Blythe Camus 

Age: 13 years (June 12; 2002).

Birthplace: El Paso, Texas.

Role or instrument in FrenZi: bass player; lead vocals; composition (lyrics and music).

Gear / Equipment: Fender and Squire basses; 5 and 4 Ernie Ball strings; Hartke Bass Head Kustom Bass Speaker cab (4×10); Shure microphones.
Education: middle school (8th grade).

Musical level: middle school Honor Band (clarinet) and Jazz band (bass guitar).

Influence: Les Claypool, Victor Wooten, Michael Jackson, Green Day, Muse, Sidney Bechet, RATM, RBF, Pixies and Jack White.

Hobby: writing and composing music; reading; poetry and drawing.


“I began when I was nine years old, playing covers with my bass. Throughout the years, I created my own music. I also play clarinet for honor band and bass for jazz band. With my brother, we write songs for our band.”


Chantal Camus: la nueva sensacion del punk fronterizo.” Norte digital edition:

Chantal playing onstage with Reel Big Fish (ska band) @El Paso, TX:

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