Dario’s Bio


Age: 15 years (August 17; 2000)

Birthplace: El Paso, Texas.

Role or instrument in FrenZi: guitar player; backup vocals; composition (music).

Gear / equipment: Schecter and Epiphone Guitars; Line 6 Guitar Amps; Ernie Ball Strings GHS strings; Digitech pedal RP 355.

Education: high school (10th grade).

Musical level: high school marching band (drumline); Honor concert band (timpani).

Influence: Jimmy Page, Synyster Gates, Van Halen, Bryan May, Matt Bellamy, The Cure, Beethoven, Heitor Villalobos and Middle East music.

Hobby: learning new languages; listen to music; films.


“I used to play Guitar Hero and it made me want to learn guitar for real. So, my parents gave me an electric guitar as a present for Christmas, when I was eight. I first learn to play covers.”

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